Update: Gun Free Zones Ordinance on Agenda for the Nov 28 Kearney City Council Meeting

Gun Rights

On Tuesday, November 28th, the Kearney City Council meeting will include the “gun-free zone” ordinance on the agenda after facing significant public outcry since its passage. Recently, the Kearney City Council followed the footsteps of Lincoln and Omaha by passing Resolution 2023-149, which establishes broad authority to designate all city-operated properties as “gun-free zones.” The measure was passed little discussion, and two council members absent from the meeting. Since its passage, Second Amendment supporters have been voicing their concern and advocating that the resolution be rescinded.

The City Council meeting will be held at 5:30pm on Tuesday and will be open to the public. Please make plans to attend this meeting and voice your concern with this ordinance in person.

As with any “gun-free zone” ordinances, the implementation of this resolution is a clear assault on all law-abiding citizens who wish to take their safety into their own hands, and the language of 2023-149 leaves much open to interpretation. Per the Council Minutes, Resolution 2023-149 defines city-owned properties or premises as “any premises under the care and control of the City of Kearney to include, but is not limited to owned or leased property or property contracted to be managed by the City of Kearney and common areas including but not limited to the approach, sidewalks, steps, verandas, parking lots, vestibules, interior hallways, restrooms and atriums.” The specific clauses of “include but is not limited to” is where this resolution becomes more convoluted than its counterparts in other cities and allows the City of Kearney to install “gun-free zone” signage wherever they deem fit across the city limits. So long as signs are posted, citizens who previously could take a walk in parks, on trails, down side streets, or even just to a municipal dumpster while legally armed will no longer be able to do so, leaving them vulnerable to criminal elements operating with the knowledge that law-abiding citizens will now be disarmed in these areas. The Kearney City Council resolution also includes the parking lots of city-operated facilities, meaning that one could not even remove a firearm from their person and secure it in a vehicle while visiting these facilities without violating this ordinance.

Please make plans to attend this city council meeting! Your attendance and feedback will make the difference in seeing this ordinance rescinded. We encourage all NRA members to tell your friends, family, and other Second Amendment advocates who are unable to attend to reach out to the Kearney City Council by using their contact page and express your concern with Resolution 2023-149. Please stay tuned to the NRA-ILA website and your inbox for updates as this situation progresses.

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