Make elected officials afraid of voters who want stricter gun laws — Paul Mickey

Gun Rights

Another mass shooting occurred in Maine last week, and it’s a guarantee your elected officials will fail to do anything to prevent future ones. Whose fault is that?

If you don’t vote or you vote for people who are devout supporters of the National Rifle Association or “your right to carry,” then look in the mirror — you’re the problem.

The guy that shot up the bowling alley and bar in Maine didn’t stop to ask who was a Democrat or who was a Republican or what their views were on the Second Amendment. He just sprayed the area with bullets because he had access to a weapon that gave him the ability to kill as many people as he wanted.

The new House speaker claims guns aren’t the problem — it’s what’s in people’s hearts. I think the friends and relatives of the near-countless number of people killed in this country by assault-style weapons would tend to disagree.

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Elected officials will do zero about the problem until they lose their jobs because of it, and that’s up to you, the public. Take Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., who was shot multiple times at a practice for a congressional baseball game. To this day he’s more afraid of the NRA than the voters.

Paul Mickey, Madison

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