After mass shooting, NRA ad shows Speaker Mike Johnson defending guns (video)

Gun Rights

After last week’s mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine that killed 18 people and injured 13 others, the NRA releases an ad showing Speaker Mike Johnson sticking to his guns on the topic of background checks. (See video below.)

“So grateful to be an NRA member with you, because as NRA members, we understand that the Second Amendment is grounded in our fundamental freedums,” the House MAGA leader says, confused on what the term “freedom” really means.

“When they’re pushing a bill for universal background checks or trying to delay the amount of time it takes to obtain a firearm for self-defense, we have to remind them that what’s really at stake is that fundamental right that we have.”

Unfortunately these “freedums” Johnson so fiercely defends don’t include the freedom to live without fear of mass shootings, but instead ensure that anyone who wants to go on a killing spree will be free to do so without restraint.

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Front page thumbnail image: Mike Johnson; official Congressional photo

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