Ana Navarro Gets Heated About Gun Control On ‘The View’ As Maine Shooting Suspect Remains At Large: “I Don’t Know How Anyone In America Right Now Feels Safe”

Gun Rights

Ana Navarro weighed in on the ongoing search for the gunman who is still at large in Maine after a shooting at a bowling alley in Lewiston on Wednesday (Oct. 25) night. On this morning’s episode of The View, the co-host suggested nobody should feel safe in our country right now after the surge in gun violence in recent years.

After playing a clip of Maine’s Rep. Jared Golden reversing course on an assault weapons ban after the shooting, Navarro subtly called him and other Republican lawmakers out.

“It should not take for there to be a mass gun tragedy in your district for you to change your mind. It shouldn’t take for you to lose somebody in your family for you to change your mind,” she said.

Navarro continued, “I don’t know how anybody in America right now feels safe. Yesterday I was watching the news on this, and it is so striking to see news anchors in Israel and in the Middle East covering what is happening there. In those countries and Ukraine and Israel and Gaza. It’s extremist terrorists killing people, it’s foreign foes killing people.

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“In America, it’s Americans killing Americans,” she said. “We are our own worst enemies, and our congress is paralyzed and incapable of doing anything to address it because they cower [to] the special interests of the NRA, and shame on them and shame on people who keep voting for them.”

Ana Navarro
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Eighteen people were killed in the Maine shooting on Wednesday, and authorities are still searching for suspect Robert Card, a U.S. Army reservist who remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

Card is suspected of killing nearly two dozen people at a bowling alley and restaurant and injuring an additional 13 people.

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