‘No more thoughts and prayers’: Internet skewers GOP politicians over Maine mass shooting, demands action

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BOWDOIN CENTER, MAINE: While news outlets reported a death toll varying from 16 to 22 and several injured, hundreds of police officers combed the city of Lewiston and neighboring parts for a man wanted in connection with the Maine mass shooting at a pub and a bowling alley.

The Lewiston Police Department stated late on Wednesday, October 25 night on Facebook that they were looking for 40-year-old Robert R Card, who is believed to be a person of interest in the shootings. He is regarded as dangerous and armed, per CBS News.

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Meanwhile, a number of Republicans have expressed their prayers in response to the mass shooting in Maine.

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Republicans send ‘prayers’ to people affected by Maine mass shooting

Meanwhile, prominent members of the Republican Party sent “prayers” to the people affected by the Maine shooting.

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The Republican governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, wrote on X: “New Hampshire state officials have been in touch with our counterparts in Maine to offer and provide any medical and safety resources needed as they manage this horrific situation. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Maine.”


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Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert wrote, “Sending prayers to Lewistown, Maine tonight. Know that the entire country is praying for you.”


Maine Senator Susan Collins issued the following statement, “As our state mourns this horrific mass shooting, we appreciate the support we’ve received from across the country, including the call I received from President Biden offering assistance.”


Virginia congressional candidate Leon Benjamin, who is concentrating on policy, wrote: “Active Shooter in Maine! 22 Dead, 50+ injured! Pray and know how 5GW is very active right now. Our Nation is not being protected because of bad policies like: Defunding the Police!”


Additionally, Donald Trump described the circumstances as “terrible” in a post on Truth Social. “A terrible situation going on in Maine. At least 22 dead. It just seems to never end for the USA!” he wrote.


Internet condemns ‘thoughts and prayers’ and demands action

In response to the Republicans’ statements, Internet users slammed them and demanded action instead of their “damn thoughts & prayers.”

One X user said, “I don’t want to hear any “thoughts and prayers” from the Republicans who wore AR-15 pins to Congress.”

A second one said, “Well-Regulated Militia Opens Fire In Lewiston, Maine; Cheap Thoughts And Useless Prayers Now Being Rushed To The Scene … more on this soon-to-be-forgotten-and-then-repeated story as it develops …”

“No more Thoughts and Prayers. We need action,” exclaimed a third X user.

Another enraged user said, “Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ aren’t working. Praying only works if you govern based off the ‘will of the people’ and not the NRA and imaginary powers of the 2nd Amendment.”



One more X user denounced the “thoughts and prayers” of politicians and said, “Tonight Lewinston, Maine. It’s the Guns. When will enough be enough? I’m tired of the damn thoughts & prayers and cowardly excuses. There’s no reason for weapons of war on our city streets.”

“If thought and prayers were bullets, it would seem the guns have the blessings of gods,” said another one.

““Should we send prayers?” “Sure. But what about thoughts?” “Isn’t that too much? I mean, thoughts AND prayers, feels like we’re overdoing it.” “Well, I suppose we could not send either and address the underlying issues that caused the problem.” “…thoughts and prayers it is!” mocked another one.

One more snarked, “We’re entering the media extravaganza phase Get prepared for thoughts and prayers.”




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