Maine mass shooting: Gun control activists politicize massacre just hours after tragic event

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LEWISTON, MAINE: In the wake of the horrifying mass shooting that claimed the lives of at least 22 individuals and left over 30 people injured in Maine, gun control activists wasted no time engaging in political discourse surrounding the issue of gun control.

Alleged shooter Robert Card, a military-trained gun instructor, has been identified as a person of interest in the massacre spanning two locations in Maine.

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Robert Card was taken to a mental health facility for two weeks after reporting mental health difficulties, including hearing voices (
Robert Card was taken to a mental health facility for two weeks after he reported mental health difficulties, including hearing voices (

A tweet by CALL TO ACTIVISM read, “As you process the devastating news that another tragic shooting took the lives of at least 22 innocent people in Maine, remember the shooter didn’t act alone. He was assisted by 222 House members, 49 Senators, and the NRA.” The tweet exemplifies the sentiment of those who argue for stricter gun control measures.

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Where did the shooting occur?

Alleged perpetrator Card is a military-trained gun instructor who recently spent two weeks in a mental health facility.

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Official documents do not divulge the specifics of his illness or treatment during this period.


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The shooting unfolded at two separate venues, Schemengees Bar and Grille Restaurant and Sparetime Recreation, according to the Lewiston Police Department.

Upon spotting the gunman behind the wheel of a white 2013 Subaru Outback with license number 9246PD, law enforcement promptly issued a ‘BOLO’ (Be On the Lookout) notice.

Moreover, it is reported that Robert had previously made threats to carry out a shooting at a military training camp in Saco, Maine, and had claimed to hear voices.

Notably, the former military officer had also been previously arrested for domestic abuse.

Robert Card was arrested in the past for domestic violence (
Robert Card was arrested in the past for domestic violence (

As of the latest updates, Card remains at large and is considered “armed and dangerous”.

Local authorities have urged residents of Lewiston to “shelter in place” and “stay inside your home with the doors locked” for their safety.

Amid the tragic shooting, gun control debate resurfaces

While the investigation into this devastating event unfolds, the divisive issue of gun control has once again taken center stage.

A social media user tweeted, “The tragedy of another shooting is truly heartbreaking. Hope the House members will reconsider the Gun Control stuffs.”  


Another added, “Republicans should be forced to pay the funeral expenses for every single victim of gun violence in this country.”

One claimed, “We need action. This is once again on REPUBLICANS. Instead of addressing gun violence head-on and taking action to save lives, they flaunt AR-15 pins and continue to be bought and sold by the gun lobby.”



“Deeply saddened by the tragic news of the shooting in Maine. It’s important to remember that addressing such complex issues requires a thoughtful and balanced approach, focusing on policy changes and societal factors, rather than attributing blame to specific individuals or organizations. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time,” another social media user wrote. 


One user commented, “They are all complicit. I wonder how they sleep at night…”


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