533 Mass Killings This Year So Far

Gun Rights
Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

      In 2021, there were 690 mass killings and in 2022 there were 645 mass killings according to the mass killing Archive. At the present time in America, there are 533 mass killing and there is an epidemic, and no one has a solution. There are more guns than people and cars.

There are only 3 countries in the world that protect the rights to bear arms in their constitution. The 3 countries are Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.

Although Mexico and Guatemala both have a constitutional right to bear arms, the United States is in a league of its own simply because it is the only country without restriction on gun ownership. The United States owns 40% of the guns in the world; not something to be proud of.

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The NRA’s (National Rifle Association) president calls gun ownership, “a fundamental human right” and more guns were the answer to gun massacres. Since 2010, the NRA has directed more than $140 million to pro-gun election candidates. In 2021, they spent $4.2 million on lobbying grades for members of Congress from A to F. A was considered excellent according to the NRA, and F was not doing a good job.

The second amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” These words were adopted in 1791, and it would appear that something has changed in 230 years.

In 2023, guns have become the leading cause of deaths of United States children and teens. According to the White House there are 300 Americans who get shot every day, and very few people are keeping track. This is a terrible number and everyone should be talking about how to fix the problem.

First term, Florida Rep. Maxwell Frost, and Sen. Chris Murphy has introduced a bill that would create a federal office to establish a coordinated response to the gun violence crisis. After months of getting the bill through both houses, President Biden announced his administration was doing exactly that, establishing the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

President Biden and Vice President Harris were joined by Gen Z Congressman Maxwell Frost to make an announcement in the Rose Garden of the new office.

“After years of organizing as a young person impacted by gun violence in America, like so many new congressmen, I introduced my first bill ever, to create an Office of Gun Violence Prevention. It was an honor to stand alongside President Biden and Vice President Harris as the Biden Administration turned our calls for action into reality,” said Rep. Frost.

In every state and certain large cities, around the country, there should be a statewide Office of Gun Violence Prevention. There should be collaboration where every chair should use the best practices of each other. There is an epidemic across the country, and there must be action by all of the state governors and legislators.

Change can only start with action, and Rep. Frost was able to get things done, because he cared and was not willing to give up. America can only change gun violence, because we care, and we are not willing to give up.

533 mass killings and 300 daily shooting this year is something we can change, just don’t give up, and remember to believe.

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