Readers weigh in on how to prevent gun violence in schools, events 

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There were at least 11 shootings at U.S. high schools in August, and gun violence at the recent Del City and Choctaw high school football game spurred several Oklahoma school districts to reexamine security.

We asked readers what they thought would prevent gun violence in schools and school events.

Here are some of the responses:

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“Metal Detectors at the gates or doors.”

— Ron Miller, Poteau

“Obviously restrictions on access to firearms. However, given the Republican control of the State, and the blind fealty toward unrestricted access to firearms, there really is nothing that can be done. We can waste money ‘fortifying’ the schools, but we all know that won’t work. Shooters will just wait outside of the school, and what about school buses? Given how poor Oklahoma’s educational outcomes are, how jaded administration, faculty, and staff have become, and the near-constant pleading for additional resources, spending money to fortify schools could quite understandably be seen as a misappropriation of funding for a need that should be addressed otherwise. In short, Oklahoma got in bed with the gun, and if it goes off, well, that’s just what happens when you behave and believe the way our leaders do.”

— John K, Tulsa

“High school football games have always been a free for all. Very little control over the students that are not in their seats. Schools have done a good job hardening schools during the day. Stadiums not so much. Schools are the safest place in America for children to be during the day. Much safer than their own homes. But yet the media pushes the active shooter agenda.”

— J Rock, Choctaw

“Legislation. Screening at games. God forbid, conflict resolution taught in schools. Peer pressure.”

— Lynn Howard, Ponca City

“Repeal or revise Second Amendment to eliminate the idea of the ‘right to bear arms;’ clarify what a ‘well regulated militia’ means and consider restricting it to mean ‘national guard’ units of the state governments or the federal military services. 2. Forbid the Russian Government (or any foreign government) from donating funds to the National Rifle Association. 3. Eliminate nonprofits (or their affiliates) to donate to election campaigns, eg, the NRA. 4. Prohibit Ghost Guns. 5. Forbid secondary sales of guns without registering with appropriate authority. 6. Establish a national gun registration system. 7. Make mandatory all gun sales and re-sales. 8. Require gun owners to be at least 21 and require name and age verification. 9. Hold gun manufacturers liable for unlawful use of guns, eg, murders, etc.; allow public and private individuals and entities to sue gun manufacturers for the unlawful use of their products. 10. Require firearm training for anyone who wants to purchase a weapon. The training has to be specific to the gun the trainee wishes to acquire. 11. If a gun is illegally discharged by a minor, their parents or guardians shall be held equally responsible and liable for any harm or damage the minor caused. 12. Pass a law that effectively overturns ‘Citizens United’ to make it illegal for a corporation to donate to political campaigns. In other words, restrict financial contributions to campaigns to just private citizens.”

— Jim Troxel, Chicago, IL

“Prosecution of all offenders and penalty enforcement.”

— James Goodenow, Norman

“Ideally, tighter laws on gun ownership. Realistically, metal detectors.”

— Leslie VanBuskirk, Oklahoma City

“No one can stop a sick, twisted, bent-on revenge person. The best defense is to arm all school employees who are willing and to allow parents to carry on the school campus. Also, have ways to lock classroom doors from the inside.”

— John Sircy, Goodwell

“I do not believe this is a topic our schools are prepared to or should have to deal with. It is absolutely on our state government to instate stricter firearm policies.”

— Taron Pounds, Tulsa

“Funding for metal detectors! Additional uniformed officers.”

— Darla Cheek, Moore

“Checking bags, body searches, and metal detectors at the gates!”

— Toni Duke, Oklahoma City

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