Laws and courts should change

Gun Rights

The American people can effect change. Remember the 18th Amendment (ratified in 1919) prohibiting alcohol? Remember the 21st Amendment (ratified in 1933), repealing the 18th? Similarly, the Second Amendment can be modified.

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With regard to fatal acts of random anger and hostility throughout the country: It is indeed difficult to fathom a solution. In part this is due to the almost daily presence of Donald Trump constantly stoking anger, resentment and hatred for his own selfish reasons while his followers are unaware that he could not care less about them other than their vote.

With regards to the Supreme Court: Special interest groups seem to have easy access to it. That needs to change so Americans are not held hostage to the moneyed and well-connected who get what they want. Again, the 18th and 21st Amendments are precedents.

None of this is easy. As a start, begin recall efforts on politicians who line their pockets with money from the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment diehards. Demand and only elect candidates whose first promise is to change laws to end this nightmare. Not only with guns and violence, but also elect candidates whose order of business is to modify the structure and terms of the Supreme Court. Americans have lost confidence and respect in the nation’s highest court.

All of this will take time. However, it’s better than the current nightmare experienced by so many Americans living in fear and hopelessness while politicians do nothing but fight among themselves.

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