Delaware: House Committee Passes Handgun Licensing Bill

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Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee voted 5-4 to pass Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 2, to impose a Maryland-style “handgun qualified purchase card” and a handgun transfer registry. It could receive a House floor vote before the General Assembly adjourns on June 30th. Please contact your state representative and ask them to OPPOSE SS 1 for SB 2.

Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 2 requires citizens to obtain a deceptively named “handgun qualified purchaser permit” to purchase or receive a handgun, with an exemption for carry permit holders. To obtain a permit, an applicant is required to, at their own expense, have taken approved training and to submit fingerprints, though the bill does create a voucher system for low-income individuals to cover the cost of training. The State Bureau of Investigation is allowed up to 30 days to issue a permit. Because permits are valid for only a year and training is only accepted if taken within the past five years, this creates recurring costs, delay, and hassle for citizens to maintain the ability to exercise their Second Amendment right to obtain a handgun. In addition, the bill also creates a registry of all handgun transfers.

With SS 1, the Senate amended the bill to increase the valid duration of a permit from 180 days to a year, require the Superior Court to schedule appeal hearings within 15 days of filing rather than 21 days, and also delay implementation of certain provisions.

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In addition, anti-gun lawmakers have drafted a new anti-gun bill, to create a one-size-fits-all mandate to make firearms unavailable for self-defense use. It has received a committee assignment, but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing. NRA will keep you updated on this bill.

Again, please contact your state representative and ask them to OPPOSE SS 1 for SB 2.

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