South Carolina – Urgent Action Needed – Constitutional Carry Senate Update

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Last week, H. 3594 was recalled from the Senate Judiciary Committee with a 24-18 vote. This means that both S.109 and H.3594 are now ready for a floor vote.

As you may remember, the General Assembly was scheduled to adjourn on Thursday. However, Governor McMaster has called the legislature back to Columbia, starting this Tuesday, for additional time to address various matters, including “felon in possession” reform. It’s important to note that this reform is included in both S.109 and H.3594.

The Senate Judiciary passed S.109, the constitutional carry bill, out of committee. Unfortunately, also last week, the committee added the same “felon in possession” language from S.109 and H.3594 to non-Second Amendment-related legislation. This language has resulted in law enforcement’s neutrality on constitutional carry; its inclusion on a different bill seems to be a cynical attempt to sabotage constitutional carry, despite bipartisan support in the House and from Governor McMaster.

If the unrelated legislation passes before S.109, or H.3594, receives a floor vote, it could jeopardize the chances of achieving constitutional carry in 2023. We urge you to take immediate action by contacting your State Senator and request that they prioritize S.109 or H.3594. Let them know H.3503 should be delayed until after S.109 or H.3594 has been approved by the Senate.

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Thank you for your continued support and advocacy for our Second Amendment rights. Together, we can make a difference in securing constitutional carry in South Carolina.

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