Letters: Regulate guns to stem the violence and mass shootings

Gun Rights

The surge in gun violence and mass shootings cannot be ignored.

The complexity of the issue should not be an excuse to do nothing.

Every poll suggests that the vast majority of the U.S. population supports reasonable gun regulation.

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Yet no real meaningful legislation can be passed.

So why are lawmakers not representing the will of the people?

As so often in life, it’s a case of “follow the money.”

It would be powerful if everyone who cares about this issue would research online to find which U.S. senators and representatives receive part of the tens of millions of dollars from the NRA and other gun lobby organizations, and which ones do not.

The information is easy to find, and the outcome leaves no doubt where the money has been going and still is going.

It is then up to individuals to decide how important the issue is for them personally and how it will influence their vote.

The terrible death toll we are experiencing now could be reversed if these lawmakers were voted out at election time.

When the first seat belt laws were passed, there was immense resistance.

Since then, the per capita death rate in automobile accidents has been cut by half through better car safety, better driver education and stricter enforcement of traffic laws. And it’s dropped despite the number of cars more than doubling during that time.

It did not happen overnight, but it happened.



Plans don’t fit city

Are we sure the developers at Lowe have made the trip to historic Charleston?

After looking at the proposed plans for Union Pier, I am beginning to think they mistakenly took a flight from Los Angeles and landed in Charlotte.

The proposals are monstrous and must be stopped. If we bend our knee to the developers, we will be paying for this mistake for generations.



Debt ceiling stalemate

While Rome (United States) burns, Nero (President Joe Biden) fiddles.

What an abject leadership disaster regarding our national debt and debt ceiling.

Biden decries the Republicans’ attempt to negotiate sweeping cuts to federal spending in exchange for allowing new borrowing to avoid default.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the House bill is DOA.

We are now witnessing the administration refusing to acknowledge the growth in our national debt, which it helped engineer.



Trump debt limits

After raising the federal debt limit three times under former President Donald Trump, Republicans now claim they’re alarmed by how large the federal debt has grown.

Make no mistake. If the annual federal budget is balanced or runs a surplus, Republican lawmakers would, like George Bush, cut taxes for high-income taxpayers.



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