Florida: Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment to be on 2024 Ballot

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Last week, the House voted 116-0, and the Senate voted 38-1, in favor of House Joint Resolution 1157. This puts forth a proposal to Florida voters on the 2024 ballot to amend the State Constitution to affirm that:

Fishing, hunting, and the taking of fish and wildlife, including by the use of traditional methods, shall be preserved forever as a public right and preferred means of responsibly managing and controlling fish and wildlife. This section does not limit the authority granted to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission under Section 9 of Article IV.

Hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife are not only cherished American traditions, but when paired with science, are an integral part of wildlife management and conservation. Unfortunately, misguided extremists have been trying for decades to incrementally, or outright, ban hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife. This amendment guarantees the sporting traditions that you have enjoyed will still be around for future generations of Americans and that regulations will be based on sound science. Currently, 23 other states have similar provisions in their constitutions. 

In addition to fees collected from sales of licenses and tags, excise taxes paid by Florida sportsmen and women on firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment fund important conservation efforts, such as the acquisition and improvement of wildlife habitat, wildlife species introduction, wildlife research, public access programs, shooting ranges, and hunter education programs. Last year alone, Florida received $22,095,534 of Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Funds.

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