Florida: House Passes Bill Repealing Age Discrimination of Adults

Gun Rights

Last week, the House voted 69-36 to pass House Bill 1543, to repeal the prohibition on adults aged 18-20 from acquiring firearms. Although the bill has no Senate companion, it will now move to the Senate for further consideration. 

House Bill 1543 amends Florida’s minimum age requirement for purchasing or acquiring firearms from licensed dealers from 21 years of age to 18 years of age. Adults aged 18-20 are considered old enough to vote, enlist in the military without parent permission, enter into legally binding contracts, and get married. As such, they should have all of their constitutional rights. 

The NRA would like to thank Representatives Bobby Payne and Tyler Sirois for sponsoring HB 1543, as well as the 21 co-sponsors and Speaker Paul Renner. This is a priority for the NRA, both in the Legislature and in the courts!

Reminder: Please join your NRA for the Florida NRA State Conference at the Doubletree Hilton Orlando Airport on Saturday, May 6th starting at 9:00AM!

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