Colorado: Misguided Bill Targeting Custom-Made Firearms and Shooting Ban on Private Property Committee Hearings Tomorrow

Gun Rights

Majority Prioritizes Gun Control, Contact Your Lawmakers Today!

Last week, the Senate passed Senate Bill 23-279, which bans custom-made firearms. However, this bill is nothing more than a ploy to mislead the public by using scary terminology like “ghost gun.” This term is an invention designed to further gun control measures.

Democrats in leadership are using their majority to push forward with their agenda.  At the top of that list is gun control. SB 23-279 is being considered by the House with a hearing scheduled for tomorrow, May 2, in the House Judiciary Committee upon adjournment. Please contact the committee members and urge them to oppose SB 23-279 and any other misguided gun control measures that may arise.

Also, tomorrow, May 2, the Senate Local Government & Housing Committee is scheduled to vote on HB23-1165, a bill that allows counties the authority to ban shooting on private property within their jurisdiction. Please contact the committee members immediately and ask them to vote NO on HB23-1165. Use the link above to take action and make your voice heard.

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These bills do little to address the root cause of violent crime and only serve to harm law-abiding gun owners. We appreciate your continued support in defending our Second Amendment rights.

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