Your Views: A good job is a safe job; speak out against gun bill

Gun Rights

A good job is a safe job

Friday, April 28, is Workers Memorial Day, a day when working families, union members and labor leaders come together to remember each worker killed, injured and sickened from their jobs and to organize for an end to the unnecessary deaths of our brothers and sisters.

Each year, thousands of workers are killed and millions more suffer injury or illness because of their jobs. Far too many workers die from preventable safety hazards. Being safe at work is a fundamental right—and under the law, employers must provide workplaces free from hazards. Employers must be held accountable when they don’t.

A good job is a safe job. Unions are fighting for good and safe jobs for everyone. Winning strong standards raises the standard of practice on the shop floor. Educating working people on their rights keeps our most vulnerable from being silenced. Workers and their unions are standing up, speaking out, fighting back and organizing. We won’t stop until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects all workers — until we have stronger standards to protect against harmful exposures and dangerous conditions, improved anti-retaliation protections and so much more. Because enough is enough.

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50 Iowans died at work last year or from an injury or illness sustained on the job. The Western Iowa Labor Federation hosted a small ceremony in Bayliss Park this Friday at 6 p.m. to commemorate their lives. The public was invited to join. Your presence is a comfort to their families and a tribute to our community.

Jennifer Pellant

Council Bluffs

Speak out against gun bill

I’m holding a photo of my only grandchild — a happy little boy in a moment of unalloyed joy. You must have a similar photo. Please look at it.

Last week, all but two Iowa House Republicans (both from eastern Iowa) turned themselves into trick ponies for an “A” rating from the NRA — at the peril of children like ours.

Not satisfied with Iowa’s status of being only one of four states to insert language in its Constitution which goes beyond the Second Amendment protections of the U.S. Constitution, House members voted to allow guns on school grounds in locked vehicles. Schools may also authorize a person to carry a firearm in a school vehicle. Which person? On what basis do schools authorize this?

Is there no limit to the accommodations GOP legislators will make to satisfy their handler, Kim Reynolds, and their NRA overlords?

What to do? If there’s still time, call your state senator (515-281-3371), although GOP legislators have been steamrolling bills through the chambers without allowing questions, debate or amendments. Or, call Governor Reynolds’ office at 515-281-5211 and ask that she veto the bill. If it’s too late, remember this for 2024. Scout out candidates who have spines. Work for them, contribute to their campaigns, pay attention. Vote! Help others vote!

Help save Iowa’s children from knowing the terror of AR-15s in the hands of shooters who think they are the victims.

Karen Heidman

Sioux City

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