South Carolina – Urgent Action Needed – Constitutional Carry Bill Stalls, Held Up by Committee Chair

Gun Rights

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman used a flimsy pretext to ‘hold over’ S.109, the Constitutional Carry bill, at yesterday’s committee hearing. Despite the thousands of messages sent by NRA members and second amendment supporters in support of the bill, the Senate continues to stall and drag their feet. Multiple members of the committee voted to allow the bill to be ‘held over’, giving the Chairman considerable discretion in when, if ever, to give the bill a new hearing.

This news is extremely concerning, as time is running out before adjournment, and no word has been given on when, or if, the bill will ever be given a fair hearing. Please take action now! Contact your Senators and let them know that you support S.109 and urge them to take action to move the bill forward.

Because of the Senate’s hesitation, both Florida and Nebraska have lapped South Carolina this year, becoming the 26th and 27th states to pass Constitutional Carry. Will the South Carolina Senate rise to the occasion, or continue to fall behind?

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If the Senate continues to stall and ends up running out the clock in 2023, your NRA-ILA will continue to put its full weight behind constitutional carry in 2024. 

S.109 is an important piece of legislation that would protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. It is essential that we act now to ensure that it is passed into law. Thank you for your continued support of the Second Amendment.

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