Maine: Hearing Scheduled for Bill to Reduce Gun Free Zones

Gun Rights

On Wednesday, April 26th, the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee will hold a public hearing on Legislative Document 1557, which recognizes the right of law-abiding individuals with concealed carry permits to exercise their Second Amendment rights on school property.  Gun-free zones create soft targets for violent criminals and this bill ensures law-abiding Mainers have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones on school grounds.  Please press the take action button below and ask committee members to SUPPORT this important legislation!

LD 1557 recognizes the right of a person with a valid concealed weapons permit to exercise their Second Amendment rights on public school property or the property of an approved private school. History has repeatedly shown us that “gun-free zones” do nothing but disarm law-abiding citizens while creating soft-targets for violent criminals. With the passage of this bill, Maine citizens will be able to protect themselves, their children, and teachers on school grounds. Most importantly, this bill would deter violent criminals from targeting Maine schools.

Again, please contact members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee and urge them to SUPPORT this important measure that will provide protection for law-abiding Mainers.

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