Montana: Contact Governor Gianforte to Sign Reciprocity or Enhanced Carry Permit Bill into Law

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House Bill 674 “HB 674” has passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, and we need your help to ensure it is signed into law. This bill creates the option of an enhanced carry permit that will be eligible for reciprocity with five additional states.

As you know, while Montana is fortunate to have constitutional carry, many Montanans still choose to obtain a carry permit in order to take advantage of reciprocity agreements that Montana has with 35 other states, and thereby have the option to exercise their right-to-carry when visiting or passing through these other states. Unfortunately, that still leaves some states that don’t have reciprocity agreements with Montana.

The optional enhanced permit created by HB 674 will be recognized by five additional states – Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington – on top of the 35 states that already recognize the regular permit. This is great news for Montanans who travel frequently or for those who live near state borders and want the flexibility to carry across state lines.

Please contact Governor Greg Gianforte and urge him to sign HB 674 into law. Nothing in this bill affects the original permit, which will continue to remain an option, or Montana’s constitutional carry. This is simply an additional option for those who wish to carry in more states.

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This legislative session, the House of Representatives passed this bill by a vote of 90-2, and the Senate passed it with a vote of 45-5. Let’s work together to make sure this bill becomes law and gives Montanans more options for exercising their right-to-carry.

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