GOP Congresswoman Thanks Fox Anchor for ‘Talking Points’ on Gas Stoves

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Promoting her proposed legislation to “save” America’s gas stoves from a supposed ban by the Biden administration, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) thanked Fox News anchor John Roberts on Wednesday for supplying her with “talking points” on this latest culture war battle.

Months after conservatives first expressed outrage over the mere possibility that steps could be taken to address certain health hazards surrounding gas appliances, Republicans are once again focusing their energy on a potential “ban” on gas stoves. In this instance, the anger is centered on a Department of Energy analysis that finds half of gas stove models currently sold in the United States wouldn’t pass upcoming efficiency standards.

Telling Lesko that “clearly this has not gone away,” Roberts asked the GOP lawmaker to lay out her bill that would rescue Americans’ gas stoves from President Joe Biden.

“You are right, it hasn’t gone away,” she exclaimed. “And all of the crises going on, we have banks that are failing, we have a border wide open, we have people that can’t afford gasoline or groceries, and this is the thing that Biden is going to prioritize is banning people’s gas stoves? It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

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Lesko added, “And as you said, Biden said, oh, we are not going to ban gas stoves, well baloney! They were going to ban stoves in America that people use each and every day. And so my legislation, ‘The Save Our Gas Stoves Act,’ will save gas stoves for Americans so they have a choice.”

Roberts, meanwhile, invoked the National Rifle Association’s popular slogan and applied it to this latest culture flashpoint.

“So when you take a look at all of the millions of people in America who have and rely on a gas stove to cook nightly meals, breakfast, or whatever and all of the restauranteurs who say gas is the best,” he said. “You could think that there’s a lot of people in the country who are probably remembering the old Charlton Heston line, you can have my gas stove when you pry it from my cold dead hands.”

Lesko was immediately impressed, thanking Roberts for giving her a ready-made quote. “I love that saying! Yeah, maybe I should put that in my talking points for my legislation,” the Arizona congresswoman gushed, prompting Roberts to reply, “Just don’t credit me.”

The conservative lawmaker then let Roberts know that she wasn’t going to stop with just gas stoves.

“They are going after washing machines now, too. So I’m going to do legislation on that, too,” she declared, referencing the latest outrage sweeping the conservative media ecosphere. “I’m going to fight back against these crazy rules.”

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