New Hampshire: House Defeats Another Round of Anti-Gun Bills

Gun Rights

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House held several floor votes on anti-gun bills. Thanks to the strong support of NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, the bills were defeated and will not move forward this session.  NRA-ILA would like to thank all those Representatives who defended the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens in the Granite State.

House Bill 76 delays Second Amendment rights by imposing a three-day waiting period before an individual may receive a firearm that they lawfully purchase, with limited exemptions. There is no evidence that waiting periods reduce violent crime. Instead, this simply denies someone the ability to buy a firearm for urgent self-defense.

House Bill 444 bans carrying firearms at all polling places in New Hampshire. This bill would restrict your Second Amendment right while exercising your right to vote, creating more soft targets, and leaving you vulnerable to violent criminals who will not follow the law.

Senate Bill 247 repeals the limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition. This bill would reverse current New Hampshire law and allow individuals to bring a civil suit against gun and ammunition manufacturers and sellers, for the simple act of selling a firearm.

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Again, thank you to NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters who contacted their State Representatives in strong opposition to these anti-gun bills.

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