Vermont: Anti-Gun Bill Being Heard This Week

Gun Rights

This week, the Vermont House Judiciary Committee is discussing H.230, An act relating to implementing mechanisms to reduce suicide. This bill includes extreme anti-gun measures such as red flag laws, arbitrary waiting periods, and so-called “safe-storage” laws. We are seeing a wave of anti-gun testimony from gun-control groups in Vermont and we need you to step up and make your voice heard.

H.230 aims to reduce suicide by implementing red flag laws, “safe-storage” laws, and waiting periods for law-abiding citizens. This barrage of gun control measures is aimed not at reducing suicide rates, but rather implementing a slew of failed and ineffective gun control measures. There is no evidence that any of these measures will impact suicide or violent crime rates. However, it will restrict your Second Amendment rights.

NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are urged to contact lawmakers and request that they oppose all anti-gun measures. Please contact Vermont lawmakers NOW and ask them to OPPOSE ALL anti-gun bills that would place further burdens on law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen!

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Again, please contact Vermont lawmakers and urge them to OPPOSE any and all anti-gun measures that will do nothing to reduce violent crime in Vermont and will only burden law-abiding citizens!

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