DIY Solar System (24 Volt) for fridge and freezer! (Part 1)

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DIY Solar System (24 Volt) for fridge and freezer! (Part 1)
Shoutout to Will Prowse:
Will’s Book:

Total cost of this solar system like seen in the video: 630 Euros
Yes this is a reupload with a minor modification.

►APO-1 Dealers:
➜ USA/Canada:
➜ DE/Österreich/Schweiz:
➜ Europe:

► Off-Grid Solar Panel: (10% Off with discount code: survivallilly)

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►Power Station: (100 USD Discount code: BLUETTISL100)

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► Drone:

►APO-1S Merch: Thanks for your support! ~ SurvivalLilly Note: Survival Lilly will receive a small commission if you buy products via these affiliate links. This commission supports the channel and enables Lilly to make more awesome videos. This video was made and produced in Austria.

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