Idaho: Gun Owner Credit Card Privacy Bill Introduced

Gun Rights

Yesterday, in partnership with the NRA, House Bill 295, to prohibit credit card issuers from surveilling gun owners, was introduced. The bill will now head to committee for further consideration. Please contact your state representative and ask them to SUPPORT HB 295.

House Bill 295 is in response to the MCC rule and Discover’s announcement that they will implement tracking of firearm purchases. Since the federal government is prohibited by law from creating and maintaining a registry of gun owners, anti-gun radicals are attempting to outsource this effort to the private financial sector. HB 295 prohibits financial institutions and their agents from requiring the use of a firearms-specific MCC to distinguish purchases at a firearms retailer from a general merchandise retailer or a sporting goods retailer and prohibits the misuse of payment card processing systems to surveil, report, or disclose these legal transactions.

Again, please contact your state representative and ask them to SUPPORT HB 295.

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