Iowa: Safer Families Act Passes Committees

Gun Rights

Yesterday, the Senate Committee on Judiciary passed Senate Study Bill 1168 and the House Committee on Public Safety passed House Study Bill 173, to improve self-defense rights in Iowa. They are now eligible for floor debate in their respective chambers. Please contact your lawmakers and ask them to SUPPORT SSB 1168 and HSB 173.

Senate Study Bill 1168 and House Study Bill 173 ensure that law-abiding citizens are not deprived of their right-to-carry for their whole day just because they have to stop or park at a location where they are not allowed to carry. These bills allow adults who are licensed to carry firearms, to drive onto school grounds to pick-up or drop-off their students without first having to unload and store away their firearms in their vehicles. They also specify that employers shall not prohibit employees from lawfully carrying, transporting, or possessing firearms and ammunition if they are out-of-sight in private vehicles that are locked and parked in areas where employees are allowed to park.

Again, please contact your lawmakers and ask them to SUPPORT SSB 1168 and HSB 173.

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