Colorado: Contact Committee Members Today to Oppose Shooting Ban on Private Property

Gun Rights

The Transportation, Housing & Local Government Committee will meet tomorrow, February 8, 2023, to vote on HB23-1165, a bill that allows counties the authority to ban shooting on private property within their jurisdiction.  Please contact the committee members immediately to vote NO on HB23-1165. Banning shooting on private property does nothing to promote public safety. The only real effect of this bill will be to require citizens to pay to practice at a shooting range.

This extreme gun control bill seeks to control what happens on your PRIVATE PROPERTY. Under existing law, a board of county commissioners may designate unincorporated areas of a county where it is unlawful to discharge firearms, except the board may not prohibit the discharge of firearms in shooting galleries, on private property, or in residences under circumstances that do not endanger persons or property. HB23-1165 repeals the exception for private property and the minimum population density requirement.

Please forward this to your family and friends, and encourage them to contact their lawmakers to oppose HB23-1165.

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With the anti-gun majority, yesterday a pro-gun measure, HB23-1050, was killed on a party-line vote in the State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs House Committee.  HB23-1050 was designed to protect businesses and their staff from criminals. It extended the right to use deadly physical force against an intruder under certain conditions to include owners, managers, and employees of a business and to any person in lawful possession of a firearm at a place of business. Laws should favor victims, not criminals.

Also, HB23-1036, a bill to replace bullets that are considered to be “toxic” has been sent to House Agricultural Committee. The committee will meet on Thursday, February 9th to vote on HB23-1036.  The bill will be heard in House Committee Room 0107. We encourage you to attend and oppose HB23-1036. The measure, which establishes a voluntary program to allow some hunters to exchange lead ammunition for rounds made up of other metals, would be a logistical nightmare for the Division of Parks and Wildlife and would increase the fee for hunters’ licenses. Please contact your state representative to oppose HB23-1036 and HB23-1165.

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