Cowboy Pumpkin Carving with a Colt 45!

Gun Gear
Carving our pumpkin this year with my gorgeous pair of nickel Colts. .45 caliber, of course. 🙂
Pumpkin CARVING through the years:
Pumpkin Carving with Henry Rifle (2015)
Pumpkin Carving with .44 Magnum (2014)
Pumpkin Carving with Desert Eagle (2013)
Pumpkin Carving with Colt 1911 (2012)
Pumpkin Carving with AK 47 (2011)
Pumpkin Carving with Glock 23 (2010)
Pumpkin Caving with Glock 21 (2009)

Pumpkin KILLING through the years:
Pumpkin Killing Methods I :
Pumpkin Killing Methods II :
Pumpkin Killing Methods III :
Pumpkin Killing Methods IV:
Pumpkin Killing Methods V:
Pumpkin Killing Methods VI:

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