Letters to the editor: Distracted driving; blood on their hands; fossil fuel protests; old format option

Gun Rights

Mike Sweeney: Distracted driving: I toppled over expecting the worst

On 10/23/22 I stopped on my e-bike at a four-way stop (6th & Alpine southbound). I saw a car coming down the hill, but having come to a complete stop, I proceeded. The car came through the stop sign straight at me without stopping for the stop sign. I screamed as loud as I could, just then noticing that she was looking at her phone. She stopped 3 feet short of hitting me, and I toppled over expecting the worst.

I was wearing a helmet.

Mike Sweeney, Boulder

Margaret Porter: Firearms: Innocent blood on their hands

I ordinarily do not believe in public shaming. But, I am at a loss about what else to say about gun violence.

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I believe every federal and state official who has acted in favor of legislation granting immunity for gun manufacturers, against assault weapons bans or other sensible gun safety reforms, or accepted campaign contributions from the NRA or gun manufacturers has blood on their hands from every innocent victim of gun violence. Also, every judge, including the Supreme Court justices, who has tortured the Second Amendment to permit the proliferation of weapons of war in this country has innocent blood on their hands.

Other countries have similar social problems, mental health issues, frustrated and alienated citizens. Yet, they do not have anywhere near the number of mass shootings our country has. Two well-researched reasons account for this difference: Owning a gun in most countries is a privilege, not an expansive constitutional right. And, most countries do not permit weapons of war to be distributed freely among their citizens.

If our government officials refuse their responsibility for this carnage by pointing to the Supreme Court’s contortion of the Second Amendment, we must vote them out of office. At the very least we must insist that they rescind the privilege of immunity they so cynically extended to gun manufacturers in federal and state statutes. They should at least permit survivors to sue gun manufacturers, holding them responsible through legal redress. These survivors have the courage too many powerful officials have lacked.

On a calmer note, I support the many organizations that are working to help survivors of gun violence obtain legal redress. I hope you will consider supporting them as well.

Margaret Porter, Boulder

Ron Espinosa: Fossil fuels: Don’t protest, put your money where your mouth is

Concerning the Local Brief about “CU Boulder students, faculty to protest university’s investments in fossil fuels.”

I would say, “put your money where your mouth is.” Don’t drive anywhere, walk. Don’t turn on the lights in your house at night. Turn off the thermostat. Don’t buy groceries at King Sooper, buy only from the local farmers market, walk there and back. Don’t cook that food on the stove in your house. And by the way, get rid of your refrigerator. Get rid of all your clothes made with synthetic material.

Words and protests are easy. Actions are hard. Just do these things. And renewable energies don’t work at night or when the wind doesn’t blow.

Ron Espinosa, Niwot

Mitchell Galnick: Digital edition: I’d love to see the older format as an option

As a 40-year subscriber to your newspaper — paper then digital — this is the first time I feel the need to inform you that I am very disappointed with the new format and operation of the online subscription paper. The former one, where you saw the entire page and then could switch to the article view was, in my opinion, far superior. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to trying to read this new version. It is also annoying that if you are in the “article view” each time the article appears, i.e. page 1 and 3 it appears as you toggle through the articles it reappears as a new article. And, separate pages for each comic? I’d love to see the older formatting as an option.

Mitchell Galnick, Niwot

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