A Cold Rain in the Forest Under a Tarp – Day Camp

Survival Gear
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It’s time for another Lone Wolf Adventure and this involves a foggy afternoon in the backcountry next to a creek.

A Cold Rain is Falling and along the way, Luke discovers the remnants of an old homestead.

By the way, this adventure was filmed prior to the ‘It Came at Night’ Adventure which went up last week and this park is now closed. Also, my intentions were to speak more about being prepared but I ran out of time and will make a separate video on the topic.

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I continue to work hard to bring adventures to the channel every single week to help with what is currently taking place around the globe. Please stay safe and care for your loved ones as best you can and we will make it through this together. Every day, we get closer to this being over.

Strength and Honor!

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