Colorado: Senate Sends Two Gun Bills to the Governor’s Desk

Gun Rights

Today, the Colorado Senate passed Hunter Education bill, House Bill 22-1168.  The measure joins anti-gun, House Bill 1086, that was passed out of the Senate earlier last week.  Both measures now head to the desk of Governor Jared Polis for his consideration.  Please contact Governor Polis and ask him to SIGN HB 22-1168, and to VETO HB 22-1086.

House Bill 22-1168 allows local education providers, upon entering into an agreement with an individual or entity that offers hunter education courses certified by the division of parks and wildlife (division), to provide a hunter education course (course) to all seventh graders. The course must satisfy the requirements of a hunter education course certified by the division; except that hands-on activities are not required. The course must be taught by a division-certified instructor. A parent or legal guardian must provide permission for a student to participate in any hands-on activities that are offered as part of the course.

House Bill 22-1086 “The Vote Without Fear Act” – The title itself is enough to know that sponsors and supporters of this measure hate your Second Amendment rights.  HB 1086 looks to ban the open carry of a firearm at voting locations in the Centennial state.  It is the intention of this measure to prohibit you from exercising one of your constitutional rights while engaging in another.  The irony would be funny if it wasn’t a serious and deeply-held belief by anti-gun legislators that the Second Amendment is a lesser right.

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Law-abiding gun owners have the right to self-defense and are provided with options that fit their needs.  Those who choose to open carry should not be prevented from casting a vote.

Again, please contact Governor Jared Polis and ask him to SIGN HB 22-1168, and to VETO HB 22-1086.

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