Colorado: Anti-Hunting Legislation Scheduled for Committee Hearing

Gun Rights

On Thursday, February 3, the Senate Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to consider a ban on the hunting of Bobcat, Lynx, and Mountain Lions, SB22-031.  Please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 22-031.

SB22-031 prohibits the hunting, trapping or otherwise taking of a bobcat, lynx, or mountain lion except under very specific circumstances.  Historically, measures like these are drafted through emotions without taking any environmental or biological data into consideration.  Hunting is not only one of America’s oldest traditions, but also the best way to manage natural resources and predator populations.  Further, these conservation efforts are undertaken through scientific study of wildlife populations to ensure a healthy environment is maintained.  SB22-031 would throw all of this into chaos and must be prevented at all costs.

Again, please contact members of the Senate Agricultural and Natural Resources Committee and ask them to OPPOSE SB22-031.

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