Kore Essentials 2.0 Tactical Gunbelt Review- Now Even Better

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KORE 2.0 Gun Belts http://www.KoreEssentials.com Insert coupon code ‘SOP10’ at checkout and SAVE 10% on your entire purchase.
The Best-Fitting Concealed Carry Gun Belt you’ll ever wear! Hidden, virtually indestructible track sewn into the back of the belt creates 40+ size points. Now you can adjust your EDC belt in 1/4″ increments. Top-Grain Leather or Tactical Nylon Web Belt (1.5″ wide) with Reinforced Power-Core™ center. One-Size Fits all waist sizes from 24″ up to 44″ (Tactical Web belts up to 54”). Perfect for IWB, OWB or APPEND concealed EDC. One Year Warranty and 30 Money Back Guarantee.

Yep, they asked me to post that exact description and it seemed to cover the facts so I left it the way they wrote it. It really is a great belt and one of two concealed carry belts that I have worn consistently for almost 4 years now.

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