The Third Day of Christmas, Brought to You by Bloomberg and Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

Gun Rights

On the Third Day of Christmas, Anti-Gun Reps Gave to Thee: An End to Reciprocity 

NRA-ILA is counting down the legislative lumps of coal anti-Second Amendment lawmakers in Texas are leaving in gun owners’ stockings this year. Dozens of gun control bills prefiled in advance of the 2021 legislative session are political payback to New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, BETO “Hell Yeah, I’ll Take Your Guns” O’Rourke, and radical leftists who want to ban firearms, defund police and make YOU less safe.  

Please support NRA-ILA as we work with gun owners to STAND YOUR GROUND on the Second Amendment in the Texas Legislature next year!   

Next up: House Bill 603 by Rep. Terry Meza (D-Irving) which prohibits Texas from recognizing a License To Carry issued by another state. The measure repeals state law allowing the governor to negotiate carry license reciprocity agreements with other states and requires DPS to revoke all existing agreements.

Texas currently recognizes licenses from 43 states. If it were to become law, HB 603 could result in any or all of these states denying Texas License To Carry holders the right to protect themselves while traveling through or visiting those states.

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NRA-ILA will work to defeat HB 603 in the upcoming session because your right to carry a firearm to defend yourself should not end at the Texas state line.

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