Another Year, And John Lennon’s Widow Calls For Gun Control

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John Lennon’s widow has again called for gun control, for the 40th consecutive year.

The fact that such laws, when enforced, hve invariably led to explosive increases in violent crime and murder seems to be of no consequence to those who morn, yet that is the key fact a decision to either restrict guns or encourage gun ownership should be made.

No person could in good concience favor a law that is going to triple, or worse, the murder rate, yet John Lennon’s murder came in the midst of a sharp increase in the number of murders that are committed each year in New York City.

For the official total, this rise in violent crime and murder:

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For perspective on the facts about New York City’s violent crime rates, look up Adrian Schoolcroft and other NYPD Whistle blowers comments about the official fiction that is New York City’s violelnt crime rates.

Either way, gun control cost thousands of New Yourk City residents their lives.

And the present “punish the law abiding gun owners while encouraging the criminals” is not working.


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