Ohio: Legislators Have High Hopes For Pro-Crime Bill

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10TV reports “legislative leaders have high hopes for passing DeWines very restrictive gun control bill passing the Legislature in the closing days of this legislative session. https://www.10tv.com/article/news/local/ohio/state-leaders-holding-out-hope-for-strong-ohio-gun-violence-bill/530-d9e3c0fa-63a5-43ce-a236-8a8fb8a941ba

The facts are simple enough for anyone to understand. Ohio has had more than 30 restrictive gun laws put in place. None, not even one, has reduced crime, made anyone safer, or provided anything a sane humanwould consider a “benefit.”

On the contrary, each and every one of those ill-considered laws has driven Ohio’s violent crime rates higher and higher. The FBI numbers for Ohio’s crime statistics are here: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/ohcrime.htm

And for those who prefer the facts in pictorial form, the chart below tells the sotry of Ohio’s post 1963 gun control campaigns and gun ban precursor laws.

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Laws such as Ohio’s do not work, because they target the law abiding, when it is the criminals who flout laws and cause the problems. There is no real hop that the Ohio legislature will take the time to look at the laws that have reduced crime, made people safer, and provided myriad benefits, so it is time for the law abiding to give those who insis on making life safe for criminals theri retirement papers.

And that most emphatically goes for DeWine.


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