OHIO: DeWine’s Anti-Gun Bill Faces Deadline

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The gun ban precrsor bill pushed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine faces a deadline in the State legislature, ABC5 reports. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/state/dewines-anti-gun-violence-bill-faces-perilous-deadline

Given that the bill is 180 degrees wide of what should be the mark, to eliminate stolen and trafficked guns the criminal underworld uses to commit more than 90% of gun related crimes, getting past a deadline is a good thing.

Because every regularly enforced bill adding restrictions to law abiding gun owners has backfired just as Ohio’s gun laws have. Ohio does not need laws that drive up crime rates, they are high enough already. http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/ohcrime.htm

The chart below tells the tale of Ohio’s modern experiments with restrictive gun laws, which changed the Buckeye State from a quiet low crime state that reported only 7,896 violent crimes in 1962, the last year before a campaign to “send the army and take them all” drove violent crime numbers and rates sky high.

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Violent crime peaked at 61,640 in 1993, and some modest relaxation in restrictive gun laws have resulted in a small decline in criminal violence. But that relaxation was not nearly enough to get the State back to where they were before the first modern attempt to confiscate guns and make life safe for violent criminals began.

Therefore, the best thing that could happen is for the deadline to pass without a bill to dump an accelerant on already hgh crime rates; followed by a Governor who is interested in disarming the criminals, not those who will never commit a crime.


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