Don Jr. Reportedly Considering Bid to Lead NRA

Gun Rights

Gun enthusiast Donald Trump Jr. might weigh a run to take over as the head of the National Rifle Association as a way to stay involved in politics after President Donald Trump leaves the White House, according to sources.

The eldest son of the president is eyeing the executive vice president of the NRA role currently held by Wayne LaPierre, Business Insider reported Thursday.

Trump Jr. has been closely involved with the NRA as an avid hunter, but one other source told BI the rumor might be far-fetched.

Don is just not getting involved in that scenario, the source told BI.

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The leader of the NRA is chosen by the board, which is filled with LaPierre loyalists, per the report.

LaPierre, however, is presiding over a tumultuous time at the NRA, which has been hit with infighting and legal battles, particularly with the state of New York.

Funding for the reportedly struggling NRATV is being threatened, per the report.

Also, Democrats have effectively challenging the nation’s leading gun advocacy group as a way to weaken a prominent Republican Party donor during recent election cycles.

The NRA strife and legal troubles might be an avenue for declining support for LaPierre, leaving Trump Jr. a potential path to becoming its new leader.

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