Ohio: Your Action Needed – Urge Your Lawmakers to Support No Duty to Retreat Legislation

Gun Rights

Today, House Bill 796, companion bill to Senate Bill 383, was considered in the House Civil Justice Committee.  While no vote was taken, this measure could receive a vote soon, and your lawmakers need to hear from you now!  Please contact your State Senator and Representative and ask that they SUPPORT Senate Bill 383 /House Bill 796.

Senate Bill 383 /House Bill 796 strengthen Ohio’s self-defense laws by stating that individuals have no duty to retreat from a place that they are lawfully present before using force in defense of themselves or others.  Previously, the law only applied to residences and vehicles, however these measures expand that to allow for law-abiding gun owners to be able to defend themselves without being required to retreat from any place they are allowed to be. 

Again, please contact your State Senator and Representative and ask that they SUPPORT No Duty to Retreat Legislation, Senate Bill 383 /House Bill 796.

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