NRA Files Suit To Overturn New Jersey’s Onerous Carry Laws

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The NRA reports it has filed suit to overturn New Jersey’s impossibly strict concealed carry laws.

At one time, New Jersey’s laws were not overly restrictive, having more than three million law abiding gun owners and an extremely low set of crime rates. This was despite the fact that one of the most violent cities in America was just across a bridge.

That changed on January 1, 1968, when the “Hughes Bills,” Draconian gun control laws designed to end gun ownership except by the affluent, went into effect. Wile the effect is somewhat obscured by Hollywood’s “confiscate them all” campaign, The result was the same as every other restrictive gun law since the first, imposed in 1495. The chart below shows the violent crime crime rates from 1950 to the “take them all” campaign, and the results of gun ban legislation.FBI Data from 1960 is here:

There are strong indications that the actual crime numbers for the State are heavily “fiddled with” starting with a 1968 report that gun related crime increased by more than 90% in the first six monts of the law, as well as broad hints that late year crimes are not recorded. However, the official numbers are feflected in the graph.

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And the only thing that is certain is that guns from New Jersey, purchased by gun traffickers for a pittance instead of given to the State, armed the underworld during the late 1960’s until the supply finally dried up in 193.

The chart below, shows the influence New Jersey’s Hughes Bill had no New York City’s homicide rate.

But be careful of those numbers. Since John Lindsay was mayor, Gotham has used extreme measures to make their violent crime rates appear lower than they are. See Adrian Schoolcroft and other whistleblowers accounts of monkey business in the crime statistics.

So to end this too brief discussion of one of the most evil laws ever to remain on American law books pages, the NRA is doing the people a great favor, by making it possible to enjoy the relative safety of gun possession in their daily rounds. And even the clueless and complicit media should approve of that.


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