Georgia: Anti Party Senate Candidate Takes Shots AT Gun Laws From His Pulpit

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The New York Post reports Georgia Senatorial Candidate Warnock took pot shots at the “gun lobby,” meaning the largest and most law abiding American Demographic, from his pulpit.

Considering Warnock’s hostility to the 31% of Black Georgians who legally won a gun and will never, not ever, misuse it, I cannot say I am surprised. But the results of softening the laws that Warnock likes so much, the very restrictive laws he and his Partei favor, have had very definite benefits for the Peach State.

Softening those laws has stopped the precipitous rise in violent crime seen before the first relaxations, and even helped reduce the terrible toll of violent crime in Warnock’s home neighborhood.

There can be no doubt that should Georgia get lucky and all restrictions on the law abidings’s possession of firearms, along with permission for early gun safety training such as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, would greatly benefit every law abiding Georgian.

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But Warnock is a gun banner, who seems to think every murderous street thug is an altar boy, and every law abiding gun owner an insane individual about to wipe out everyone attending a religious establishment.


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