Gun Ban Media Says “Current Gun Laws Are Not Enforced”

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The opinion item is hidden behind a quiz, but the opinion is plain. An Illinois local media outlet says Illinois gun laws are not enough. Not enough for what, the readable portion of the editorial does not specify.

If the object is to reduce Illinois violent crime rates, Illinois Draconian Firearms Owners ID system has proven as successful as putting out a forest fire with a bucket of gasoline. The chart below shows the results of that and other crime restrictive gun laws, has failed utterly, tnd the FBI verifies that in this convenient spreadsheet.

On the other hand, if an actual solution to the crime problem is wanted, the solution should be obvious. It is the same cure the doctors gave the future King Edward IV, “Stop taking the poison that is making you ill.”

Illinois could get back to the days when an honest count revealed wheere Chicago had less than seven murders per 100,000 residents instead of the current 30 per 100,000. The days when street dealers were not waiting at the gates of Juliet’s prison for customers fr their stolen and trafficked guns And the days when the State’s largest and most law abiding demographic, the shooting community, were not demonized by every two bit local advertising sheet.

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