Chicago, Cold Weather Kept The Shooters In

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One of my radio friends told me Chicago is getting better, there were only nine murders over the four day Thanksgiving holiday. I asked him if it had gotten above freezing.

It has, but not enough that the gang “shooters” wanted to come out and take a toll of gang rivals. Sitll, if December follows the murder numbers for the last four months the Windy City will wind up with 790 murders. And a homicide rate of 30.4 per 100,000 when the Census releases the population numbers.

Of course, Chicago was not always that way. Before Hollywood’s “Confiscate Them All” campaign began 57 years ago today, Chicago had a homicide rate of just 7 per 100,000 population, and more than a million more residents.

Tragicly, there is little chance of granting the oppressed citizens of Chicago and Illinois the Gun Rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The rulers of Chicago are Democrats, who by definition fit Aristotle’s description of “Those who study, but never learn.”

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