Another Demand For Restrictive Gun Laws, With No Knowledge Of the Results Of Those Laws

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The Canadian Press has a demand that the Socialist regime of Justin Trudeau get on with the promised gun control laws.

The chart below shows Canada’s violent crime rates under the pressure of the proposed “long gun registry,” a five billion Loony waste of time, money, and lives.

As you can see, Canada used to have quite low crime rates, particularly considering the draconian handgun registry laws. When Canada responded to Hollywood’s “confiscate them all” campaign, the crime rate multiplied, hitting almost 6,000 crimes per 100,000 persons in the first half of the first decade of the Century. Since the long gun registry, a precursor to gun confiscation and usually to Democide, the overall Canadian crime rate has fallen to 5243 per 100,000 Canadians.

And now Justin Trudeau wants another 350% rise in the crime rate, a 23% rise in the violent crime rate on top of the rate his father helped elevate to stratospheric heights.

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And a Canadian media outlet is encouraging him in that, complaining of the gun crime surge in 2020.

Bu contrast, American overall crime rates in areas where there are no restrictive State gun laws are as low as 225 per 100,000, and the violent crime rate is proportionately lower than any Canadian province.

But of course, the Canadian Press cannot be bothered with consequences. They seem to have other fish to fry.


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