The Gun Banners Are Hard At Work – And The Anti-Gun Party Is Not Backing Down

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The Brown Daily Herald entreated the Democrats not to back down on their gun ban plans, citing the usual mix of fiction and fable to support their case.

For example, the item cites the never argued Miller case, which was abandoned when the plaintiff, Miller, could not pay his lawyer to travel to Washington to argue the case against the National Firearms Act as settled law.

Worst of all, the item ignores the results of gun control laws. If gun control worked as advocates say it does, it would be a relatively simple matter to craft laws protecting gun rights but barring the unsane and criminal from gun possession.

But with the deliberate murder of more than 262 million innocent humans by their own government during the 20th Century alone, gun control should not be a hard sell, it should be an impossible one.

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And that does not include those killed by criminals after restrictive gun laws were imposed.

Just a glance at the results of restricting citizens access to firearms should be enough to sink gun control past all redemption. Restrictive gun laws became acceptable under a 1904 decision affirming the “police power of the State,” a Marxian concept that gave the State unlimited power to restrict or ban guns.

The chart below shows in remarkable detail what happened, when a majority of States passed restrictive laws against carrying a gun in the 1905-1906 period, and then again after 1963, and the entertainment industry’s gun ban campaign:

Combine the US experience with restrictive gun laws with the results of countires such as the United Kingdom, England and Wales, “series of bloody failures” according to a UK Superintendent of Police, where a total gun ban has sent violent crime rates soaring by at least 900 percent, near identical results across the Cntinent, Africa, Asia, and now from Australia, where “lax enforcement of gun laws” is blamed for a sharp rise in crime clearly show that gun controls are the last thing sane and informed people want.


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