New Jersey Is Supposed To Illustrate The Benefits Of Gun Control, So Let’s Look At The Benefits

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One of the Gun Ban media outlets cited New Jersey as showing the great benefits of gun control. So let’s take a look at what the FBI has to say about that.

In 1962, the last full year before Hollywood’s campaign to protect payments for reruns, which resulted in the “Send the Army to confiscate all guns” campaign, New Jersey logged 187 murders, 89 gun related, and 7,874 violent crimes, 3,372 gun related.

By 1967 New Jersey logged 276 murders, 193 gun related, along with 13,704 violent crimes, 9551 gun related. That really was some benefit, but 1967 was also the year New Jersey imposed a Draconian gun control package.

In August, 1968, an Associated Press stringer turned in an interview with the New Jersey State Patrol Officer in charge of collecting crime data to forward to the FBI. The most noteworthy item was the Officers comment that gun related crime was up by more than 90^ in the first six months of the shiny new gun control law.

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However, moving to 1973, New Jersey’s State Patrol logged 546 murders, 399 gun related, along with 28,845 violent crimes, 20,620 gun related.

To make matters worse, New Jersey’s estimated three million gun owners had shrunk to less than one million by 1983, a year when the State Patrol logged 512 murders, 379 gun related, and 43,475 violent crimes.

The guns New Jersey residents used to take afield or to target ranges largely went to anyone who would pay a few buck of whatever was for sale. The result was a wave of cheap guns trafficked into cities as far west as Cleveland, as far north as Booston, and as far south as Atlanta.

A street gun from New Jersey sold in the cities around the Garden State for as little as $25, and an addict could rent a gun from many pushers for as little as $15 for a weekend.

Today, New Jersey’s gun laws are even more arbitrary and Draconian, Officially, for 2019, New Jersey reported 262 murders, with 176 or 67.2% of murders gun related, along with 18,375 violent crimes.

And persistent reports of short reporting crime numbers as well.

Some benefits, huh!


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