If You Were Gong Prove Gun Control Works, Where Would You Start?

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Among the items that I intended to get around to, but have not, was an item that set out to “prove” gun control works. The area chosen to demonstrate the supposed fact considted of five States, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rode Island, and Massachusetts. And the chart below, and this FBI supplied spreadsheet give the oficial facts, as reported by the Bay State to the FBI: http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/macrime.htm

No, they did not start their thesis in 1963, the last year before Hollywood’s gun confiscation campaign began in Massachusetts. That was the last year for the ling slow decline in violnece that resulted in a 1.6 per 100,000 murder rate. But they did nto start there. And they did not start in 1996, when the State’s Draconian gun laws put a stop to the precipitous decline in violent crime and murder. No, they started in 2010, just after Boston started using the Compstat program to fiddle with the crimes reported to the State.

So yes, the reported murder total in Massachusetts fell from 214 to 121 om twp uears/ Thjat os ca;;ed crew,e Fotomat. bit it is fighting crime with an eraser instead of an arrest.

That is one of the five States singled out for congratulations on the gerat job gun control is doing for them. But thee is no mention of the fact that even with Boston’s severely edited total, Massachusetts reported 152 murders in 2019.

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The results from the other states on the list are posted here. If you are curious, the search box will turn up the data for you too wonder over.


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