Election Deals Minnesota Gun Banners A Setback

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the elections dealt Minnesota’s branch of the gun ban industry a setback. https://www.startribune.com/elections-dealt-setback-to-minnesota-gun-control-advocates/573162601/

The Star Tribune reminds readers that the gun ban industry poured huge amounts, including one million dollars in Minnesota, to flip State Legislatures and grease the path to State gun bans. Yet not a single State legislature changed to Democratic, and Democratic control of the House is likely to wind up with a one vote Democratic majority.

No, the 2020 elections were not kind to the gun banners. And if you look at the history of gun restrictions, you will say that is a very good thing. The chart below, showing the effect of gun controls on Minnesota’s violent crime rates should be self explanatory. http://://www.disastercenter.com/crime/mncrime.htm

Do follow the link to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report numbers in the last paragraph to see exactly what the gun control the gun ban industry is selling has done to Minnesota ince 1964.

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