A Light Weekend In Bloody Chicago: Only 47 Shot, 5 Dead

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Back in 1967, when the State Legislature passed the Firearms Owners Identification or FOID system, the sponsors promised it would virtually stop crime in Chicago. That year, Illinois reported 792 murders, up from 523 in 1963, the year the murder of President Kennedy gave the entertainment industry an excuse for a gun ban campaign.

crime, and particularly homicide, skyrocketed in Chicago. The steep rise in Chicago murders became even steeper, and by 1963 the Illinois murder total stood at 1,103, almost three in four in Chicago. Now, with 38 days to go, and with the bloodiest five weeks of the year beginning, Chicago’s murder total stands at 719, and there is a serious possibility of Chicago again reaching the 800 murder mark.

Oh, yes. FOID has done wonders for the violent crime rate, sending the homicide rate from 9.2 to an estimated 21.8 city wide. But in some neighborhoods, the actual murder rate is over 200 per 100,000 residents That is almost as bad as Venezuela.

And it is all due to the wonderful effects of gun control.

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