What Is The Issue With Gun Control?

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According to the gun control activists, the issue they are pursuing is “public safety.”

The problem with that is the measures they insist on, gun registration, gun owner lists, State permission to buy a gun, and other measures have a history of doubling, tripling, quadrupling, or more, violent crime rates within just a few years, and no history of ever having reduced crime, ever having made anyone safer, ever have reduced the number of political assassinations, or provided anything that to the man subject to the laws would be a “benefit.”

While we can understand a “helicopter parent,” alarmed at such propagandists lines as “a gun in the house is virtually certain to kill a family member” become alarmed and lobby for very restrictive gun laws, we have more than 155 million gun owners, more than 65 million children, and and the Center for Disease Control says we have this number of fatal childhood firearms accidents:

All but 36 of those 81 were in inner city areas where gun safety training has been prohibited. So the risk of serious injury or death to a family member from a gun in the house is very small, particularly when gun safety training is available, but the gun ban industry will not admit it.

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As far as crime is concerned, three are more than 58,309 restrictive gun laws that have proven themselves failures, without a single success. Given that fact, and the fact that some gun ban activists are deluded but very few are insane, there must be some other reason for their insistence on the harshest penalties possible for the law abiding’s possession of as much as a fired cartridge case besides public safety.

Rolling at the other measures they advocate, such as long prison sentences for those who disagree with the government, it is not hard to discern the real reason behind Draconian gun laws.

And the desire for wealth and power is almost certainly behind the campaign to “control,” meaning ban, guns.


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