“Young ‘progressives’ Hope Biden Acts On Gun Control, Climate Change, Student Debt

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NPR reports “young Progressives,” who are actually extreme Socialists, hope Biden acts on gun control, “climate change” and student debt. https://www.npr.org/2020/11/18/936342916/young-progressives-hope-biden-will-act-on-climate-change-gun-control-student-deb

Acting on student debt, which is supposedly a loan against future earnings to obtain an advanced skill set is the cheapest of the three hopes, with the funding to come from the purchasing power of Seniors savings. This is actually a print money scheme similar in principle that resulted in the Weimar Republic’s hyperinflation.

In replacing “good debt” with fiat money, you will have violated every thing we kow about economics. It is doubtful that another ten million doctorates would offset the damage the scheme would do to the economy.

The next item is ” the supposed “Global Warming,” which at the moment is global cooling. The idea is to cut hydrocarbon emissions in the US sufficiently to offset the rise in emissions from China.

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The carbon dioxide, flue gases, soot, and fly ash from un-scrubbed and unfiltered Chinese power and industrial plants is turning the Arctic black, keeping air temperatures higher, the freezing point lower, and crating problems. But, as this chart of the sources of “greenhouse gases” clearly shows, there is no possible way to achieve that goal.

Starting from the top, we have Iceland’s volcanoes, which pump out hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 every year.

On the right, and just below the top, we can see a red patch that represents the CO2 output from the industrialized areas of Western China.

Below that, there are three red patches that mark the locations of the Amazonian, African, and Indonesian rain forests.

And, turning to greenhouse gases from the United States, just to the left and below Iceland, we can see the US produces greenhouse gases at about the same rate as the Pacific Ocean to the far left on the chart.

Most of our greenhouse gases come from CO2 released by our massive forests and grasslands, with a healthy addition of CO2 from farming. We cannot bring our green house gas and pollutant production much lower without cutting down our forests, and leave our fields of wheat and corn fallow. That is not very practical since Americans are like the rest of the world; we must eat.

And finally, the lat item, and by far the most expensive, is gun control. Biden has already promised to let Beto “Hell Yes, I’m coming for your guns” ORourke the job of gun ban czar.

Given the promised violence in enforcing Biden’s 15 page manifesto, I can think of no better way to put millions of law abiding Americans in the street, determined to overthrow a government as odious as that of King George III.

Given that, the “progressive” agenda is about as realistic as flapping your arms and flying. It reminds me of the “medicine men” who were common when I was a child.

It will cure cancer, heart disease, poor circulation, eczema, diabetes, eliminate rashes and add years to your life. But truth be told, all a pint of 50% alcohol would make a sufferer from any of those diseases forget his troubles for a while. Usuall four to six hours, followed by a workd class headache. Which is exactly what you are likely to get if the “progressives” get their way.


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